• Press Release:

    "I'm Gonna Ride"

    Jan 2021: It was announced today by Official CMT Artist Ashley Wineland’s management team that she will be releasing the title track from her upcoming album, “I’m Gonna Ride,” on January 15, 2021. 

  • Ashley Wineland and

    Wide Open Country

    Dec 2020/Feb 2021: Ashley was proud to collaborate with the prestigious country lifestyle brand Wide Open Country for some special live broadcasts!

  • Eye On Jamz Extra

    Facebook Live

    March 2021: Ashley recently stopped by Eye On Jamz Extra on Facebook with host Tim Board!

  • Featured in

    ION Indie Magazine

    Dec 2020/Feb 2021: ION Indie Magazine published an in-depth interview by Marty Haviik and "I'm Gonna Ride" was featured in the "Editor's Letter."

  • Interview w/ Allie Finland

    The Art of Listening

    March 2021: Ashley was interviewed by music blogger Allie Finland and her blog, The Art of Listening!

  • Interview with

    The Glendale Star

    December 2020: Ashley was featured as the top story on her hometown newspaper, The Glendale Star!

  • Interview with The

    Pulse of Entertainment

    December 2020: Ashley was recently interviewed by renown syndicated columnist Eunice Moseley. 

  • DJ Dani Show


    April 2021: Ashley appeared on The DJ Dani Show LIVE on Facebook!

  • Press Release:

    "Daddy's Creed"

    September 2020: The press release announcing the launch of Ashley's single "Daddy's Creed" was launched.  

  • Ashley Performs for 

    The Virtual Wine Fest

    December 2020: Ashley was excited to be asked to lend her voice to the Virtual Wine Fest!

  • Interview with Scott Wikle on My Kind of Country

    November 2020: Ashley was interviewed by award-winning host Scott Wikle on his popular country radio show My Kind of Country. 

  • Interview with Tim Board 

    On Eye On Jamz Radio

    January 2021: Ashley Wineland was interviewed live on the globally syndicated radio show Eye On Jamz with host Tim Board.

Official CMT Artist Ashley Wineland to Release

Title Track from Upcoming Album ‘I’m Gonna Ride’

GLENDALE, Ariz & NASHVILLE, Tenn. – January 11, 2021 – It was announced today by Official CMT Artist Ashley Wineland’s management team that she will be releasing the title track from her upcoming album, “I’m Gonna Ride,” on January 15, 2021. The song will be available on all music service outlets.


“I’m Gonna Ride” tells the story of finding the inner strength and drive to attain your heart’s desires and realize your dreams while pushing past feelings of being stymied in life’s journey. According to Wineland, “This song has tremendous meaning for me as it celebrates one’s personal liberation. ‘I’m Gonna Ride’ was written as my personal anthem while I was going through some radical changes in my life. For me, one of the most freeing feelings is riding through the desert on the back of a horse. I’ve tried to capture that essence in this song.” 


Read the full press release on "I'm Gonna Ride" at the following link:


Ashley Wineland Collaborates with Wide Open Country!

Ashley recently took part in a collaboration with the popular platform Wide Open Country! Ashley conducted a series of live broadcasts on Facebook in conjunction with the Wide Open Country brand. Here are those broadcasts:





​Boasting over 2 million followers on Facebook, Wide Open Country is the new media platform for country music and the country lifestyle. They believe that country music is more than music, it’s a way of life. Wide Open Country provides content that covers country music, from the mainstream to the alternative, as well as country fashion, food & drink, domestic travel, and country culture content.


Wide Open Country published a series of compelling articles on Ashley. Here are the links:

Learn more about Wide Open Country at

Follow them on Facebook at


Ashley Wineland on Eye On Jamz Extra with Host Tim Board

On March 2, 2021, Ashley was invited to join host Tim Board of Eye On Jamz for a very special Facebook Live on his new video segment Eye On Jamz Extra!

Watch and listen to Ashley's interview at the link below:

Learn more about Eye On Jamz at

Support Eye On Jamz on Facebook at


Feature Interview & Photography by ION Indie Magazine's Marty Haviik

Marty Haviik, Managing Editor and Senior Photojournalist for ION Indie Magazine, recently photographed and interviewed Ashley for the January/February 2021 edition of the magazine. The feature interview including a live stream of "Daddy's Creed," Ashley's first single to be released off of her upcoming album, "I'm Gonna Ride," which will be available later in 2021. Check out the interview in its entirety at the following link:

"I'm Gonna Ride" Spotlighted in ION Indie Magazine's Editor's Letter

The Editor-in-Chief of ION Indie Magazine selected "I'm Gonna Ride" as the featured song to stream during her "Editor's Letter" in the March/April 2021 edition of the global publication. Listen here:  

Ashley Featured by Music Blogger

Allie Finland and The Art of Listening

On March 10, 2021, blogger and fellow Arizonian Allie Finland published her informative and insightful interview with Ashley on her music blog The Art of Listening. 

Check out this in-depth delve into Ashley's career at:

Ashley would like to thank Allie for such a well-written article!


Interview with Reporter

Jakaria Danielle Ross and

The Glendale Star

It's always special to get some recognition from your "home town" -- and sitting down and chatting with Jakaria Danielle Ross of Ashley's hometown newspaper, The Glendale Star, was a complete pleasure!

Read The Glendale Star article at the following link:


The Pulse of Entertainment

Columnist Eunice Moseley recently talked with Ashley and featured her in her fabulous column "The Pulse of Entertainment." 


Ashley was thrilled to speak with Eunice and most appreciative of the coverage! 


Read the article at the following link:


The DJ Dani Show

Ashley appeared as a guest on The DJ Dani Show on April 6, 2021. in a special Facebook Live broadcast in conjunction with Hamilton Radio.

Here is a link to that interview:

Learn more about The DJ Dani Show at

Visit Hamilton Radio at

Thank you, Dani!!!


Press Release for "Daddy's Creed"

Official CMT Artist Ashley Wineland to Release New Single 'Daddy's Creed'

Country artist Ashley Wineland to drop her latest single off of her upcoming album, bringing a message of empowerment and self-affirmation...

Read press release in its entirety below:


Ashley Lends Her Voice to the Virtual Wine Fest

Ashley was happy to be a part of this virtual event -- with part of the proceeds going to the worthy cause Feeding America. Ashley performed her new hit single "Daddy's Creed" for the fest-goers...treating them to some down-home country they downed their wine!

Here is the video for the festivities, with Ashley's performance coming in at the 52.18 marker: 

Ashley on My Kind of Country

Ashley was honored to talk live on the air with country music radio host Scott Wikle, when she appeared on Scott's celebrated show, My Kind of Country, which airs on Fish Creek Radio.

Support My Kind of Country on Facebook at the following link:

Learn more about Fish Creek Radio at

Listen to the interview below. 

Ashley Wineland Interview with Scott WikArtist Name
00:00 / 15:19

Live Interview on Eye On Jamz

With Host Tim Board

Ashley returned to join host Tim Board on the syndicated radio show Eye On Jamz, which is powered by ION Indie Magazine. Tim and Ashley chatted about her new singles "Daddy's Creed" and "I'm Gonna Ride" and took a trip down memory lane and revisited some of her early music, discussing the growth in her career since she launched her career in country music at the age of 14. The interview will replay throughout the week on numerous stations.

Listen to the broadcast at the following link:

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