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Between Me & You: The Ashley Wineland Blog

Welcome to the Blog! Let's Catch Up.

Welcome to the first ever blog to grace this website. I have say, between me and you, I'm excited to have a place to write out all of my journeys and developments with my music and life to share with you. There's just somethings in life that can't be captured on a camera, and I'm looking forward to sharing those in-between moments with you.

Ashley Wineland in black western wear sits in a white macrame swing in a green field in front of a bus
Photography by Felipe Carrillo. Hair & Makeup styled by Allison Pynn

Who is Ashley Wineland?

I hope that through this blog you will slowly get to learn all of the different facets of my life and who I am! If you are a new friend reading this, I'm so glad you are in our community now. By the chance you already know some of my story, I hope you get the chance to connect even further with me!

I am a nationally touring, country music, singer and songwriter. I've spent +10 years in the music industry performing and writing music as a fully independent artist (that means everything I do is funded/fueled by you and the rest of our community! No label here). I am happy to say that throughout my career thus far, I have logged 500,000 miles across the United States on various tours! Across those years of shows, I have had the honor of working with acts such as Aaron Lewis, Eddie Montgomery, Lainey Wilson, John-Michael Montgomery, Diamond Rio, Parmalee, and more!

My current discography includes 3 albums: Family Business, Simple Life, and I'm Gonna Ride. I am blessed through these projects to have accomplished many milestones such as placements on CMT (No Prince Charming), over 1.5 million streams on Vevo (Drive Me to Drink Music Video), and financially contributing and supporting various charitable organizations such as Guitars for Vets, Paws for Patriots, and Stop Soldier Suicide with the success of my first ever single, "Red White and Blue".

I have just recently concluded my 2023 Rolling On Tour, which took us all across the United States for 6 months this year. With that being wrapped, I am currently in studio and working on my next set of music that I will be releasing for my fans to enjoy in 2024.

Welcome to the "Winelander" Family

I am so looking forward to connecting with you in new and exciting ways this year! My hope is for this blog to become a more personal connection between me and you as we both go on the adventures life takes us (especially as an independent artist). As I said before, there's so many moments that I can't always capture on camera, but I so desperately want to share with you. Between me and you, I think this blog will help bridge that gap in the story for the both of us! Welcome to the Winelander family. I'm glad you're coming along for the ride.

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