Whether she is singing and performing, raising money to assist our nation’s veterans, or donating her time to animal welfare organizations or other worthy causes, country music singer/songwriter ASHLEY WINELAND is leaving an impression with everyone whose path she crosses. In her quest to bring back true country music, her voracious vocals, relatable demeanor, and soulful sound have captured the attention of country music fans worldwide. Along the way in her musical journey, this diminutive girl-next-door with a voice and heart as vast and vibrant as the Arizona desert has amassed a fervent global fanbase (AKA “Winelanders”) and a colossal presence on social media with a following of over 750K.


Possessing the impassioned spirit of an old-world troubadour, Wineland’s enthralling songs strike a chord of authenticity while capturing the heartbeat of the heartland. She first made a splash in the Southwestern music scene at age 14. To date, she has released 2 albums, “Family Business” and “Simple Life,” with a much-anticipated third due out in 2021, “I’m Gonna Ride.”


Years of hard work, dedication to her craft, and a close, personal connection to her fans have found Wineland in demand at top music events, a frequent guest on television and radio alike, and a sought-after subject of music media outlets with 3 magazine covers to her credit. Known for her tireless support of our nation’s veterans, Wineland is often called up to perform our nation’s “National Anthem” for MLB and the NFL, and recently, she had the honor to sing the anthem for the racing enthusiasts at NASCAR. When not in the studio or racking up the miles while on tour, Wineland lends her time and talent to charitable causes, utilizing her growing celebrity to raise awareness and garner attention for compelling causes close to her heart. Besides organizations supporting our nation’s armed forces, animal rescue groups are another cause close to her heart.


As she looks to her next career milestones, this scintillating storyteller is on a quest to bring back the core elements that are sorely missing from the genre…and isn’t it about time for some TRUE COUNTRY?